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The Fans Wanted More…

World premiere of our music video “Rumpus” which is off our new mixtape “Where The Wild Things Are” thats dropping next week! GET READY!


COTN X Prophit X Bad Rabbits @ Highline Ballroom 09.03.09

Yeah, so recently we had a show with the brothers Bad Rabbits & Prophit at the Highline Ballroom. I feel we definitely set the tone, Proph def tore it up, and Rabbits tore it down. Here are some shots from the show. Shout Outs to Tiny Smalls for the flicks, and more can be viewed on her site. Great show brothas !


Prophit – Cause When You Stop Dreaming, It’s Time To Die (mixtape)

A few weeks back, a brother of ours, Prophit, dropped his freshman mixtape/ep/whatever you’d like to call it (I guess it’s safest to call it his freshman “release”), “Cause When You Stop Dreaming, It’s Time To Die”. An original member of the COTN 441 crew, which consisted of emcees Lansky (myself), Versa, Lloyal & Prophit, Prophit has been a good friend for quite some time, and we’ve all rose to become the artists we now are today in a somewhat parallel way. Nevertheless, the project is not only entertaining but a breath of fresh air hitting the NY rap scene, where the same tired styles are being shared around the city like syringes on homeless heroine addicts throughout the Bowery.

Click image to download.

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